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Thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, and ice dams can strike unexpectedly and with such intense ferocity that they wreck havoc to anything in their path. At Trojan Flood & Fire, our storm damage experts know this and are always ready to help when your home or business is damaged by a natural disaster or affected by a storm.

Our certified technicians can handle any problem that occurs from storm damage, including:

  •  Emergency Board Up Services
  •  Roof Damage from Hail, Rain, Ice, or Wind
  •  Emergency Water Mitigation
  •  Complete Water Extraction & Drying
  •  On-site Disaster Units with Generators, Materials, Tools and Supplies
  •  Inspection & Evaluation of Damages
  •  Window Replacement
  •  Debris Cleanup
  •  Contents Removal, Storage and Restoration
  •  Complete Property Restoration

Trojan Flood & Fire understands that dealing with the aftermath of storm damage can be overwhelming and very upsetting. That’s exactly why it takes an outside professional to come in, assess the situation and damage, and to come up with a restoration plan for your property. Our team will work hard to get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible so you can move forward with your life.

The professionals at Trojan Flood & Fire are the team to trust for effective storm damage repair services when weather-related disasters strike.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storm Damage

Your level of coverage varies according to the terms of your policy, but, in general, property damage caused by a weather event is usually covered.

Absolutely. Nearly all policies require homeowners to take proactive steps to guard against further damage, and the cost will be covered provisionally. These proactive steps include hiring a certified, licensed contractor to secure tarps over damaged roofs and broken windows or doors.

In most states, yes. Interior water damage will be covered as a result of a sewer backup or sump pump failure during heavy rains.

Yes, if you file your claim in a timely manner, and if your insurance adjuster and roof inspector can pinpoint the damage as being caused by a recent storm and not a lack of regular homeowner maintenance overtime.