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Trojan Flood and Fire repaired our walls and floors after we encountered water damage from a source outside of my condo. Troy and Eric were great to work with! I have brand new floors, and the area looks like a completely different space. They are prompt and professional and do a great job. I would gladly work with them again.

Thank you so much, Troy and Patrick, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come out tonight at 10 pm and give me a piece of mind. Your patience and understanding in answering ALL of our questions and concerns over the past few days to help us work through this difficult time has been amazing. You also have a wonderful, hardworking, caring, fun crew that did not leave any trace of wet carpet, tile, and crawl space junk in my home. Didier explained everything as he went along and answered all of our questions. We have a few more hurdles to cross now that clean-up is done, and I have every confidence that Troy and Patrick will be there every step of the way. Thank you again!

A big storm just dominated my town’s sewer system a few days ago. Sewer backup and rainwater flooded the basement of the home I just bought last year. Somehow I was one of the lucky ones that got Trojan out right away. Within hours of the flood (and in the wee hours of the morning), my basement was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a hard-working team. Not only did they clean the extensive mess, but they gathered and hauled away all of the debris and all of the items that could not be salvaged. They set up dryers and dehumidifiers, and now - just a few days post-storm - the basement is back to normal, and you would never know there was a sewage geyser down there! No smell at all!! On top of all that, the team observed social distancing and wore masks to make my family feel safe during these crazy times. Thank you to Patrick and his team. I truly hope I never need to call you again - but I know if I do Trojan would take care of me.

Didier and Onexa did a wonderful job cutting the tree that fell on our roof. He was very professional and on time and did a great job. Cleaned up the yard after the tree was off the roof.

Patrick and his team provided all-star service and advice, resulting in the swift resolution of my issue. Easy to talk to, accessible, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this all-star team.

The crew was very fast and did a great job! The clean-up was immaculate! Didier and Onexa were awesome!